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Author:  (RandyD)
E-mail:  RandyNBabyJules@aol.com
Date:  9/23/2003 5:44:27 AM
Subject:  Re: My Dad
Message:  Doug, my friend,

My heart goes out to you along with all my prayers. It's a terribly difficult and lonely trial at times watching our parents drift away.

As you know I've lived this particular heartache for awhile now, and although I tend to keep things locked deep inside when I'm hurting I've always found shelter from the storm on this porch.

So many times I have stumbled on to the porch to find my rocker, not in its old familiar place, but next to someone's who loves me and holds me close in thought and prayer. When you went inside to get another glass of Mamie's lemonade I moved your rocker next to mine.

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