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Author:  Doug Lang
E-mail:  dalang@telus.net
Date:  9/1/2003 12:47:43 PM
Subject:  Re: Live chat
Message:  "Labor Day is a holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada on the first Monday in September to honor the laborer. It was inaugurated by the Knights of Labor in 1882 and made a national holiday by the U.S. Congress in 1894. In most other countries — and among the leftists in the United States and Canada — May Day (May 1) is the more celebrated date."

-from a 2001 encyclopedia

My father was a strong unionist back when
it mattered most and was involved with the CCF
in its early days, a Saskatchewan-born
political party which became the NDP,
now our federal New Democratic Party,
the left-of-center labor-based party.
Dad hosted strategy meetings in our house
which is where I learned all the words
that dictionaries don't print
and also learned to smoke, secondhand.
He's old now, in his 80's, but thinks
the WTO has destroyed in a decade
what it took a century of sacrifice
to initiate and to build.
I know, no politics on the board...
this is just a historical note
on the origins of Labor Day in North America
and a personal note on the house I grew up in.

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