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Author:  Ginny G.
E-mail:  ggnadt@execpc.com
Date:  1/16/2005 11:02:13 AM
Subject:  No, we should post under the post...
Message:  that we are answering. First of all, that is the logical thing to do if anyone wants to follow a conversation. If people go off on tangents... like my margarine tangent, it makes sense to follow that discussion thread and not the original apple pie post. If you don't want to read banter about margarine, you can skip those posts and stick to apple pie! :)

Secondly, if everyone replies to the one just above it, the threads will all go off the right- hand side of the screen if there are a lot of posts. Remember how frustrated that used to make Mike?

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 No, we should post under the post... by Ginny G.  at 1/16/2005 11:02:13 AM
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 Okay, without examples... by Ginny G. at 1/16/2005 11:49:57 AM
 Re: No, we should post under the post... by Meeks  at 1/16/2005 11:43:51 AM
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