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Author:  Joop
E-mail:  jhmvandenbosch@quicknet.nl
Date:  9/21/2003 5:31:57 PM
Subject:  sail away
Message:  I don’t have a cd-player in my car. I used to have a lot of Mickey Newbury albums on cassette, but most of them are old and worn out, so I did not play a lot of Mickey Newbury lately when driving. I missed them, certainly when I had to work at night. I grew tired of most of those nightly radio-shows. So in the past week I took some cassettes that I hardly listened to anymore and rerecorded some of my favourite MN albums on those.
At night I get to do different things in all kinds of situations. I come to places with sad people, sick people, dying people, dead people, not much to laugh most of the times. When I get back into my car after I’ve done what I'm supposed to do, I often don’t want to listen to those dreadfull nightcall radio-shows, disturbing my thoughts. So most of the times I search for a classical radiostation, or I don’t play anything at all.
Now in the past few days I had my “new” Newbury tapes with me and let me tell you that makes the difference. I found myself being relaxed, with a smile on my face listening to the beautiful music. I even look for smaller roads where I don’t have to drive fast so I can sail away throught the night.

 sail away by Joop  at 9/21/2003 5:31:57 PM
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