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Author:  Bill Smith
E-mail:  wsmith@glade.net
Date:  9/21/2003 12:11:04 PM
Subject:  Re: My Dad
Message:  Doug, thank you. Like Rod McKuen wrote, "it helps to open up the heart every now and then, and let a little hurt come in."

We all have been through, or will go through, the loss of our Dad. My dad was the State Watershed Agronomist for the USDA Soil Conseration Service. There are over 2,500 watershed retarding structures in Texas that he was responsible for. He was raised on a cotton farm in Mountain Peak, Texas (right down the road from where Roy lives in Venus), he served in the CCC Camps, the US Navy during WWII, and retired from the SCS with 38 continuous years of government service.

He was the most energetic, moral, and perfect man that I ever met. He died in 1997, but from 1990 on due to a series of strokes, he did not know me. I would walk into his room at the "retirement home" and he just didn't know who I was, but we would talk for an hour or two anyway, and he would charm me to death. I miss him every day. I miss his advice, his wisdom, his strength, his humour, his discipline, everything about him, every day, without fail.

Here's my favorite story that Daddy told me about his life, and I think it can apply to all of us. He was the third of eight children born on a cotton farm, he was born in 1910. When he was five, his Daddy took out to the field and handed him a cotton sack and said, "William, you pick cotton up this row." Daddy said he had been doing nothing for five years and thought he was special, so he said, "I don't want to pick cotton." He went on, "Papa pulled a cotton stalk out of the ground and whupped me up that row until I was proud to pick cotton." Daddy said, "From that day to this day I figured I could take care of myself." He did.

God I miss him.

Doug, and everyone else, God bless this thread.

It may the most special ever.

Love to all, Bill

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