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Author:  Joop
E-mail:  jhmvandenbosch@quicknet.nl
Date:  9/21/2003 12:53:30 AM
Subject:  Re: My Dad
Message:  We watched my mother slip from our world in to her own reality. The whole proces, from the day we noticed first "there was something wrong" till the day she went to meet my father who had died 40 years earlier, lasted some 10 years.
She never suffered much of Alzheimer. It was we, her children who felt the pain of losing our mother, felt the shame she never felt when she thought some corner of the hall would be the toilet, or opened the door for a stranger in het underwear.
Or like in the first years, when she still could remember she had done something wrong, the telephone sometimes would ring in the midst of the night and a uncertain voice would say: Ï'm not sure, but is it gas I'm smelling?"
Often we found it was gas still flowing, after she wanted to light to cooker, but forgot, and then we thanked God that a small window was still open.
On the other hand we got something back.
From a woman who worked hard all her life, raised 4 children all by herself through hard times, that never had learned to be vulnerable, she finally changed in to somebody who needed to be caressed and hugged.
In the last years of her life she finally accepted us to show her our love and gratitude.

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