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Author:  Cowboy
E-mail:  cowboy@cowboyjohnson.com
Date:  9/20/2003 7:55:09 AM
Subject:  Re: Hello
Message:  You are welcome anytime, I live on Thompson Ranch off Wayside Drive, second log cabin on the lake.I rent and got the sad news last week that they are selling 180 acres at the front of the ranch which includes my cabin.It could take awhile for what they're asking 1.2 million, and I will certainly miss the bass fishin',dove,quail,turkey,ducks and
deer hunting as well as the 400 peach trees.
My 80 yr old landlord and pal,Knute died a year ago and his daughter movrd in to his place. She can't take steppin' over where we found him laying just inside the door,and I don't blame her for selling. I go through the back door myself when I go over there. Ya'll are welcome to come visit though and I'll let you know when the next big pickin' party is!
I play a Friday/Sat gig in Wimberley and would love to have ya hear me sometime.I don't get to Waco much but that could change.

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