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Author:  Doug Lang
E-mail:  dalang@telus.net
Date:  9/19/2003 4:19:22 PM
Subject:  Re: Best Wishes and Sagebrush...
Message:  I had a lost Uncle Elmer who was a cowboy
and went on cattle drives. He used to show up
in Moose Jaw once every couple years and stay
next door with Bill and Bea. I remember his
fancy boots and his voice like black honey. My Uncle Bill was known as the Ukelele Kid, and when he played that little thing with a big felt
pick and Elmer in harmony poured that dark voice of his over my cousin Emily's young girl singing, it was good and made the adults cry. I remember Emmy sang Scarlet Ribbons and Rusty Old Halo with Elmer. Scarlet Ribbons was the one they did that made everyone shut up and listen, and then start passing the kleenex around. We never got tired of that one. Emmy sang it at Bill's funeral. As for Uncle Elmer, the last time I saw him he was magnificently drunk at a party at my parents' house. It was winter. He came out the front door and was moaning outside my bedroom window. I opened it a crack and said hi. It must've been midnight or so. His breath was making clouds. I said to him, "Uncle Elmer, whaddaya know for sure?" That's one of the things I said as a kid. "Well, Dougie Do," he said (that was my nickname, Dougie Do, 'cause every time Aunt Bea shouted from her back porch, 'Who wants to go to the store for me for a nickel?', I'd shout back 'Dougie Do'.")...so there was Elmer, teetering and moaning in the snow with my eight year old mug pressed eagerly through the open window... "Well, Dougie Do," he said, "Just remember, there are no strangers in this world, just friends we haven't met yet." No sooner were the words out of his mouth than he upchucked a yellow scarf into the carigana hedge. That was something, Laura Shayne. Whoah. I never saw him again. But he was a wrangler, and he loved open spaces. There was a picture of me standing in those big cowboy boots of his, the tops of 'em coming up to my thighs. That photo was in the trunk that got lost when we moved west. I'd like to do a drawing of my memory of that picture for a cd cover one day. If you happen to see an old guy riding around in circles out there on the range, Laura Shayne, just start singing Scarlet Ribbons and see if he joins in. If he does, and you hear that black honey voice, tell him for me that his nephew is thinking of him...

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