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Author:  anothermick
E-mail:  verbaud@aol.com
Date:  8/29/2004 9:32:39 PM
Subject:  Re: May we bend our heads
Message:  I know I don't post often. Now and then I do. When my dear friend Richard, with whom I had a long loving friendship, began to doubt and become afraid, he asked me "Where's my friend God?" I sent him this note. If it is any comfort to frightened hearts, then I know the love for my friend continues to help.
"Dear Richard,
May the Peace which is Love, older than anybody's Holy Book or rules or regulations, encircle your heart and give you dreams too delicate to repeat. May the wind always cool your brow. May your memories be sweet. May you forgive with a wave of your hand and a smile. May you tread softly as the most wonderful ghost which preceded you and left you speechless and tearful. May wonder always precede your thoughts and actions. May you always turn heads when you least expect it. May your happiness seem like a distraction to your true Bliss. May you receive thanks for forgotten deeds and always wonder why. And may you stay forever young.
Pray the prayer of the frightened young Lord in Gethsemane. He prayed not so much for release, but for the strength to surrender to his Father. There is no reason why things happen to us. There is no reason why.
We are only given the choice to meditate on God or to live in fear.

If it were to come about that I left in the night, I would walk the Elysian Fields heavy in my heart that I hadn’t thanked you for being in my life and making me sweeter than I could have ever been had you not crossed my path.
Have I told you lately that I love you? Well, I’m telling you now.
May you live forever, and may I never die…

All prayers are answered, my dear hearts. Until your reply is received, love one another. Keep your hearts open, and your dreams alive.
Peace be with you.

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