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Author:  Susan
E-mail:  susan@mickeynewbury.com
Date:  9/11/2020 8:06:03 AM
Subject:  Update on fire..
Message:  It has been an interesting month, to say the least. The Holiday Farm Fire has definitely impacted our family and Newbury history. At this point in time we are all safe. Chris is here, and Stephen is here, and we are on a GET READY, Level 1 evacuation alert. We have places for all of the animals to go, and are loaded and ready if need be. Leah is safe in Utah for now. Laura's farm has been impacted the most. They are on a Level 2, BE REALLY READY, and have not had power for four days. That means no water, freezer, or lights. The Grandkids come here, and Laura is busy with Fire Crew and Medical Examiner's Office. D is holding the farm together, and watching updates.

We THINK the cemetery where Mickey is buried, along with my mother and father, grandmother,nephew, and Joe and Little Mickey has burned. We have not 'seen' this, so we wait.
It's probable that the house on Leashore where we raised the kids is also gone. The bridge is still standing, but some homes on Leashore did burn. We just don't know which ones.

It is an ongoing situation, and we pray for the safety of all the First Responders who are working in that area. The fire moved so fast because of winds and temperatures that in 72 hours it burned an area four times the size of Eugene. I will update when I can.

 Update on fire.. by Susan  at 9/11/2020 8:06:03 AM
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