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Author:  aussiedave
E-mail:  dnriddell@yahoo.com.au
Date:  3/22/2020 10:15:44 PM
Subject:  Re: Today and Tomorrow
Message:  Hello fellow porchers. Things down under are much the same as overseas. We are experiencing ever increasing isolation until this bloody thing eventually passes. I am driving my wife crazy by pacing the room constantly. She wants me to sit down and stay calm. how can I stay calm when the powers that be have CANCELLED the Australian Football League until the end of April. Come on, just because we get a crowd of almost 80,000 people to a game is not a very good reason to put a stop the Aussie Rules Football.................[ he collects his thoughts before continuing] So I go into my garage and begin to rotate the wheels on my car. I do this every 10,000 kilometeres. That's about 6000 to 6500 MILES for you guys in the USA. BTW, we have a guy from the States over here playing for my team in the AFL. Mason Cox. He has been playing for COLLINGWOOD for the last few years. A great player too. Now where was I...........oh yeah, so I am rotating the tyres [that's tires for you lot] on my car whilst Mickey is singing 'When the baby in my lady gets the blues' Hard to concentrate on the task at hand when Mickey is singing this beautiful song. Love to all.

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