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Author:  Donna Barnes
E-mail:  dbarnes@lubbockwestar.com
Date:  5/5/2019 12:50:33 PM
Subject:  Ghosts from the past
Message:  I took a chance to log onto the Porch today after watching Joan Baez perform on AXTSTV. I waited in
anticipation to see if she would sing, "Diamonds and Rust". Accordingly, it was her closing song.
Her lyrical connection with Mickey forty years ago was heartfelt, and "let the past paint pictures in my head" of their significance.. Bill Smith, how good to see you are still posting. I would love to catch up with you. I am still in Texas, and continue to get lost in Mickey's music as if it were the first time I have ever heard it,instead of the 43 years I have been listening to it! So many of us were fortunate to know, spend time with, and talk on the phone for hours with Mickey. He was a very special and caring man to his family and his friends. I am Blessed to say I was one. So many of us were. As soon as I can, I am going to scroll down the months and days of postings to see who is still participating in the front porch. I hope Joe Zeimer is still on the porch. I miss all of you I used to write and laugh with when Mickey was posting, and thereafter. Mickey will always be a "Sweet Memory" to us all. My Love to Susan, the family, and the wonderful front porch friends. Donna

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