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Author:  Sallie
E-mail:  enoel3165@charter.net
Date:  8/1/2016 7:39:20 AM
Subject:  Re: Help Thou My Unbelief
Message:  Thank you all for your wonderful replies and for your love and kindness to me. I am richer for having such dear friends in my life! I spent last evening just thinking of all the lives the wonderful people on this website have enriched, mostly because little Mamie produced a little son named Mickey, who grew up to have such a great heart!

Joey, I still remember Elton searching you out at the Gatherings to make sure you didn't miss a weather forecast! And Joe Z, I will never forget your dedication and sweet spirit as you compiled your stories to memorialize Mickey, and then proceeded to cherish his friends, as well.

Jonmark, I must tell you that my photo of Elton and Brie hugging as she thanked him for his recommendation of a med that helped relieve some of her back pain, made the cut in the photos that were on display at his memorial service. I rarely saw that look on his face--Brie is a great hugger!

Egbert, I have thought of you so often lately. Of course, you and I share June as a birth-month, but we also share so many other thoughts and feelings, especially our love and concern for the Native American peoples. One of our team members in Colombia had spent several weeks earlier this summer working at the Pine Ridge Reservation. I will go there someday and include a visit to my friend, Crazy Horse's monument. Right now, another of my friends from the mission team is in your home country for three weeks, spending time with her friend whose mother is ailing. I have told her about you and only wish she could give you a call and share a few words with you. Her husband, Mike, and Elton used to sing together when times were good. Mike has taught me to do many NA crafts and supplied the deer hide and instructions for my ulu and me to construct a wonderful little NA drum. I can't carry a note of music or play a guitar, but Elton got a lot of laughs from my war chants and drumming accompaniment as he sang!!

Thank you all again for making my return to the Porch such an occasion of joy for me. I promise not to be awol for so long again.



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