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Author:  Doug Lang
E-mail:  dalang@telus.net
Date:  9/15/2003 10:51:55 PM
Subject:  Board Talk
Message:  To simplify matters, I'm going to refer to this board as the Front Porch and the other as the Back Porch.
First of all, we are blessed to have this place
where a common love enjoins us.
The Mickey Newbury site has become, to me,
the book I'm reading now, filled with characters
I'd like to know more about, telling a story
I don't want to reach the end of too soon.
That I've gotten to meet some of the characters
only enhances the book I'm reading here.
I think we lost some people
when MickeyNewbury.com went dark for several days. I'm not sure if we've got everyone back.
Some people are posting Front and Back.
Some are posting up Front only.
Some are posting out Back only.
My sense is that the new Front Porch board
is favored and welcomed back by longtime friends
and foundational Porchers who posted
on a similar board when Mickey was alive.
I can fully appreciate and respect your feelings about the return of this board.
I arrived to what is now the Back Porch.
We're all comfortable with what's familiar,
and I remain more comfortable with the Back Porch
as that's the board on which I started.
I can see it more clearly.
I like its editing function, its smilies,
the font and print-size options,
and the ability to scroll down across all replies
to a particular topic readily and easily.
The Front Porch and the Back Porch as they are now have very distinct personalities.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Front Porch
generally features shorter posts and is more interactive, like a back-and-forth conversation,
whereas the Back Porch has some conversational posts, but leans more to the reflective or personal sort of written expressions.
Also, now that "refesh" is not needed at all,
you can dance on the Back Porch
with the record skipping.
I think this combination and variety is very special and unique to this site alone.
Yes, it would be better if we could all access
both the Front and Back porches, to better keep up and feel more together. I understand, by Susie's post, that things are still being ironed out in the hope of achieving that end.
I'm not alone in my appreciation of the work
and the love that are involved in this.
If I had a wish it would be to keep both the Front Porch and the Back Porch,
the way it is now, but to have more visits
between the Back and Front by everyone
whether we tramp through the house or walk around. Sitting out by the side of the house,
one ear to the Front, one to the back...


 Board Talk by Doug Lang  at 9/15/2003 10:51:55 PM
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