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Author:  aussiedave
E-mail:  not available
Date:  4/26/2016 11:09:07 PM
Subject:  Re: Song Of Sorrow
Message:  an explanation of now

no deceit...........
this the measure of a man,
this a measure of 'the'

as foreign as
a chaste lover,
an unworldly concept
to those who love this world,

for the world knows not
for the world loves
lovers, fornicators and all things blasphemous ,

it worships false worship....

until the unveiling of
the undefiled.......

let the revelation of
purity and holiness
flood............surge.... cleanse and restore
all hearts of stone
...........and denial,

....a light that continually blinds those
who refuse
to see,

they turn away
their stiff-necked heads
from the healing light,

their hunched backs
cast an engorged silhouette
over their self-indulgent iniquities,

their outstretched arms
[a last vestige of
purposely thrust behind them,
palms up, fingers outspread
in a vain effort to halt the cleansing flood
of pure incandescent light.......

this light, this truth, 'The' truth

obliterates all darkness in it's path.

the shunning complete,
they uncover their open mouths that spew forth
ridicule and blasphemy,

their spoken words
loved by the elite, the flesh
and the spiritual dead,

....the walking dead,

the scoffers continually scoff,
this a level of
their intelligence,
....let the mob mentality

it's mouth, an open
grave........speak a language
of hostile spittle and vile,
a tirade of rejection, hate and self-righteousness
shout from their tiny minds,

until it surrenders under the
onslaught of glory and purity,
of holiness and majesty,
of faithfulness and honesty.


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