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Author:  Bill Smith
E-mail:  smith.william98@gmail.com
Date:  1/28/2016 10:05:27 AM
Subject:  Re: my top 3
Message:  Susie, the songs among the early releases that really got me hooked were The Piper, Angeline, and Poison Red Berries. Among the later work, Genevieve, Working Man, Time Was, and One More Song of Hearts and Flowers. I understand that Better Days was written a long time ago, but I never heard it until it was released on the new box set, and it just grabbed me. I love Juble Lee's Revival and Saint Cecilia. And for a good, fun, upbeat song, you can't beat Mobile Blue. And who doesn't love Little Blue Robin? I could just keep listing until I listed every song ever. I came to hear the music!

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