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Author:  Brian
E-mail:  bjhighley56@btinternet.com
Date:  1/25/2016 6:39:06 AM
Subject:  Re: my top 3
Message:  Dave

Almost impossible?! I'd give my favorite 3 today and give an equally correct, completely different three half-an-hour, never mind a day, later.

Here goes, at this moment in time:

1. JUBLE LEE'S REVIVAL: this is a beautifully sad song. 'Her sad minuets' are haunting. I'm not sure I completely understand this song and that's part also of the enchantment. I have a long and recurring battle with chronic, severe clinical depression: this song speaks to me of others sharing such desperation and of Jesus by our shoulder.

2. THE QUEEN: The first LP of Mickey's I bought is 'Sings His Own'. I know Mickey didn't like the albums production however this song is a masterpiece of 60s/70s eccentricity. From the opening line, 'Far beyond the edge of evening, there's a land between the moon and the sun' to Mickey's closing oooh (and he could ooh and aah better than anybody) the song is a transport elsewhere. Some years ago, I camped on Sandwood Bay, on the extreme North West coast of Scotland, and witnessed an astonishing see-saw of sunset, moon-rise that I always remember when listening to this song.

3. GOODNIGHT: I wrote recently about Mickey's rendition of this song on 'Blue To This Day'; his last Goodnight,a fond farewell. I used to sing Goodnight to both my daughters at bed time: it's a lullaby, a love song; it's brilliant.

Hope this makes others think about the songs that spring to mind from Mickey's astonishing oeuvre.    

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