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Author:  susieg
E-mail:  not available
Date:  8/31/2015 4:16:40 PM
Subject:  One more thing...
Message:  Got the report from my oncologist day. Seems my lung cancer is no longer growing.. In fact he seems to think that it may be gone. I am causiously happy and jumping up and down. However this cancer has a reputation of going to the brain and just as a precaution Dr. Spivey wants to order a few zaps of radiation to the head. He says that will prevent that from happening. Sounds fishey to me, but I've trusted him for the past 7 years, don't think Ill stop now. Also the Multiple Myeloma is being good and is dormant for the time being. God is good and so are all the wonderful people who have kept me in their thoughts and prayers.
Much love,
Susie g

 One more thing... by susieg at 8/31/2015 4:16:40 PM
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