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Author:  Egbert
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Date:  5/18/2015 10:59:22 AM
Subject:  Re: May 19
Message:  Mickey thru his music taught me to dare tell a personal story in a song and how to use metaphors. I looked up to him in a very admiring way. I could not have written many of my songs, if he hadn't been around. He was amazingly kind to me. And he amazed me even more by calling me 'pal'. His last e-mail in which he asked to send more copies of my cd's (he lost them under a pile here or there, he said) he said thanks for promoting his music on radio in Holland. It ended with 'Love you pal, Mick'. That was a few weeks before he passed away. It broke my heart. Mickey is and will always stay a true hero to me and I cherish his friendship. Even more after I read the extraordinary labour of love my friend Joe Ziemer put into the biography 'Crystal and Stone'! Great job, Joe!

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