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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  5/18/2015 10:21:41 AM
Subject:  Re: May 19
Message:  Hi Joe and others!

NOT so good to explain about `Me and Mickey!`

Maybe a little music heart loose!!!

Maybe the best are, all my `NEW friends` from about 2004 and ahead (face to face), when I first arrival to my first M.N. Gathering.

It has been ´HARD´ to ride on `two horses´ on same time - dear JIMMY WEBB and MICKEY NEWBURY, M.N. who I sadly never meet or talk with!

When you came around JOE, `you in a way take over´ - and I more was `going back` to concentrate me about J.W. and my collectors friends, all my `bying up` there.
ONE of the world most rare J.W.s collection, is maybe with me.

I also still works, be 64 later this year.

BUT as you maybe know, M.N. phone J.W. in New York, `back then`, because OF ME.

I was `ON HOLD` for the big M.N. cd solo box set, because the `old masters was gone - lost`, and I because I had almost `virgin vinyl` in files, I could help if needed.

Also got M.N.s rare signing PRIVATE TO ME on `Lulled By The Moonlight´ cd album 1996.

I was `my way`, down and out for 10 years 1992-2003, and the music have helps me more than pills.

Also to meet family NEWBURY to, visiting M.N. graveyard in Springfield, Oregon state 2003, same place also Susan Newbury and Jim, and Laura, the children and her husband.
And rest of sisters, brothers and dear late Miss Mamie, who offen call me `Darling` - I can fully understand - HA!

ALL the `open doors` kind words, fun before and after the Gatherings - I always will remember.

And been so LUCKY to be to all Gatherings 2004 to 2015 include - flying in from visiting my near and dear friend Suzy H. Ronstadt, in Tucson, Arizona and arrival Austin, Texas, 16th June - last on trip in New York.

BUT it is hard, for in a way Jimmy Webb is in a way `my first priority` - maybe because it was much easier to collect, back then.

Help J.W. `a little` with his book, Glen Campbell show, old rare demos, and was one of the first back in 2003-2004 to be ask to help with the rare J.W. solo 1970`ties cd box, handmade, sold out.

ALSO my Jimmy Webb concert up at world famous artmuseum LOUISIANA here in Denmark, 18th February 2011.

And FROM UNEXPECTED SIDE, maybe later this year, to be mention in a book, where Sir Paul McCartney will write the foreword.

I guess I NEVER EVER have been the most devoted M.N. fan - sadly to said, but tried THE BEST I CAN, and found out how SIMILAR M.N. and J.W.s music are.
Also that dear Jonmark Stone have recorded J.W. on a live cd album, and that Waylon Payne have sung backup on a J.W. tune too.

Also remember, when my mother died `suddenly` (in some ways), 2008, when I was to the Gathering.
When dear late Paul Colby - The Bitter End nightclub, Manhattan, NY, was there 2008, and with him a lady, who knew J.W.s wife Laura.
And this lady inform J.W. and his management, that my mother has died, and they `send` a floral center piece, who was present at my mother's funeral.
Also so glad for the help - `express` flight plane home, AnnaLeah was taking care of this side.

And still have here in Hillerød, Denmark, one of `the rarest collection around` af M.N. cd and vinyl albums, also demos, test, stocks, diff. country issued, deleted album (drawn back), and so on.
Laura S. Newbury got around 2005, almost all my 45 M.N. vinyl, include some with picture sleeves, demo, white label, stocks, diff. country press.

As maybe SOME KNOWS HERE, on a NICK CAVE album is both a M.N. and a J.W. tune included.

Never been good to stay focused, but it is how I am!

ALSO a little SAD over all dear friends´, I, we have lost over the years in THIS FORUM, Miss Mamie, Pete, Roy, Ron, Kenny and so many more.

See SOME of you soon - LOVE to all around!


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