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Author:  Brian
E-mail:  bjhighley56@btinternet.com
Date:  3/19/2015 7:45:55 AM
Subject:  Re: Prayers Porchers Please
Message:  Thank you everyone on the porch for wishing so strongly on my behalf: your messages have been inspiring. The first operation on my cancer has been completed.

I returned home yesterday, tired, battered and bruised. The cancer is malignant: a major portion of my bowel, adjoining tissue and lymph nodes have been removed. As the more powerful painkillers have been discontinued the pain has reached levels I never knew possible. Over the next few days there are some critical follow ups on my blood tests which have shown some markers that may be indicative of metastases (secondaries) on my liver. After only a few meetings with the dedicated nurses, who work only, on cancer cases I'm learning some of the medical jargon.

I've been listening to Mickey all morning - better palliative care than anything given on prescription.

Thanks again to all of you.

'...my moments of insanity are never like a chain - I only know I am not free the nights when I am sane..'

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