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Author:  Larry Moore
E-mail:  larrymoore@cebridge.net
Date:  11/28/2014 9:51:38 AM
Subject:  Re: LL's wife Suzette could use prayers
Message:  Thanks for your support. The scariest part was her eyes rolling up in her head and her face turning blue. Trying to hold her up and call 911 from a phone that was about 8 feet away was unreal.

Her blood pressure was 50/30 and her hemoglobin count was half what her body was supposed to have. After two units of blood and lots of IV's she came back to normal. They did a scope from the top and the bottom and found nothing life threatening. We see the gastrointestinal dr. on Tues. and they will have her swallow a small camera, in pill size to take pictures of her whole system.   

Just like I feel Susan Newbury is the rock of her family, Suzette holds that same position with us. Thanks again.

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