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Author:  Lee F.
E-mail:  elf@moment.net
Date:  9/12/2003 7:14:29 PM
Subject:  Re: Remembering Johnny Cash
Message:  I was lucky to be inviited to a guitar pull at Johnnys house ( I thought until the guitar came to me ) panic struck in the middle of a song of mine as I looked out at him,Waylon,and a whole slew of big names and all the cotton in the world filled my mind and mouth as I completely forgot the words to my own song and had to confess I was
completely petrified and had forgotten every word and passed the guitar to another songwriter friend.
Johnny being the kind of man he was, came up to me later....and said he had been in my same shoes
(boots) a few years back and understood exactly how it felt...and not to feel bad about it...I'd be invited to the next one he put on.,,,and asked if I'd care to see his house inside....and gave me a tour...I think he was just trying to bring back a little dignity I'd completely lost after that fiasco of mine.
I'll never forget the man he was,nor the music he made !!! I will also never forget that bungled attempt to pull off a song I knew very well in front of all them !!!
I pray Johnny is with June,Mickey,and Waylon and they are all making music in Heaven.

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