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Author:  Susie G
E-mail:  not available
Date:  4/5/2012 5:51:38 PM
Subject:  new update
Message:  Dear ones,

it's good to be back online. the problem that kicked me offline was, of course, of my own doing and the fix was so simple i'd rather not reveal it. let's just say it is a testimony to my involvement in the electronic age!!!

i checked the last update and i can't believe so much has happened in such a short period. i'm not going to try to recreate all that is past. let me just say that i have witnessed the goodness of God and the expertise of this medical team several times.

Generally, the news is encouraging. her kidney function is normal and enabled us to get a cath scan. it shows that the pancreas is still extremely inflamed and that the body is creating fluids around it. the fluids will probably need to be drained but that is not a priority yet. her enzyme levels improve every day which says that the pancreas is healing itself. it's just a very slow process.

she is receiving nutrition through a tube in her nose past her pancreas to her gut. she is tolerating it perfectly and eliminating it without any problems. (i told clay and susan that only a mom could get so excited about pee and poop.) bottom line, no pun intended, is her body is functioning as intended which is pretty remarkable considering all it's been through

she was on c-pap (self sustained breath) for over 24 hours. during one of the crisis situations her breathing became very shallow and labored. drs figured she was literally too tired to breathe. so she is again being assisted by the vent. the goal still, is to wean her off the ventilator. every day she is on it now, increases the probability of infection, even with the battery of antibiotics she is on. in order for her to come off the vent she must be awake and aware enough to respond and follow commands. however, when her sedation and pain meds are reduced enough to bring her closer to consciousness, the pain is so overwhelming her blood pressure spikes and her heart races. at one point her heart rate was 169 before it was controlled. she is now on a new sedation/pain medicine. it is not only new to her, i believe it is pretty new to the medical world. she seems to be doing very well on it. i pray that it will have better results when they try to take her off.

rene is very sick. maybe i'm just beginning to realize how sick, she is a fighter and a survivor. she has a very strong faith and i know that her faith, your prayers and the Grace of God is sustaining her.

love and blessings to all,


 new update by Susie G at 4/5/2012 5:51:38 PM
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