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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  5/25/2010 4:57:34 AM
Subject:  Re: Got time for a prayer?
Message:  Thanks Ginny but actually, I'm pretty much a bipolar jerk. Not a sweet one like you Hank. You who really know me know that. Just two weeks ago I picked up Karley from school and pulled out on the feeder road of I45. This guy came flying past me at a speed of 2 or 3 times the posted limit, weaving in and out of cars. All I could think of is if I had been just a few seconds late on pulling out Karley might be dead right now. I knew better, and with Karley telling me to just go home, I followed the guy to the WalMart parking lot. ( Did I already tell this?) and started talking to him about his speed and what a danger his driving was. His responce " Yeah, but was I out of control?" That's when I blew, big time. Thank God I didn't use any curse words or racial slurs but I cut loose. I started to drive off, but then , stopped the MY PA truck and got out and wanted to kick his butt. He just walked away. Boy what a stupid thing to do with Karley in the car.

I'm not allowed nor does she want me to , pick her up and ride with me, by myself, anymore and it's breaking my heart. The My Pa truck just sits in the barn and I drive my old black one.

I can count on one hand the times that I've done this and I'd like to blame it on the starting up again of high doses of Testosterone shots. My levels have gone, in four weeks, from 4 to 475 and still climbing. i see the Doctor next week.

Thanks but don't make me out to be such a great guy. Just pray that God overlooks me and takes pity on this family.

Got to go. Today is Karley's pre k graduation.


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