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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  5/24/2010 7:46:51 PM
Subject:  Got time for a prayer?
Message:  Up front, let me say that I talked to Mamie tonight and she may be going home by the end of the week , if not sooner.

Now the prayer; Last Friday I attended an annual event of our school districts elementary schools called Future Tiger Challenge . Different schools compete against each other in track and field events. 4th graders compete against each other and 5t and 6th graders compete against each other. Our, or my old, school feeds into a new school called Bozman. Many students from last year go there this year and many talked to me. They had letters, initials, of a former student that was attending there this year, on their shirts. They told me that a little girl, her name is Crystal, was in a four wheeler accident a week or so ago and wasn't doing well and is in the Hospital in Houston with brain damage. They didn't really know the extent of her condition.

Today I went to the Bozman school and told the receptionist that I was there trying to find out some information about Crystal. As I was walking in I heard the staff talking about her and it wasn't good. The receptionist told the principal that I was there. I was told to have a seat and the principal would be right with me and give me some details right after dealing with two discipline problems. Well she kept getting discipline problems brought to her, one being a kid that was always in trouble at our school. I sat for about thirty minutes and then walked around and soon realized that dealing with these problems was way more important, to her, than a few minutes of her time to let me know about the kids condition , where she was, how I or someone could get hold of her parents, is she going to live? etc. So being the patient man I am, I walked out. Doubt anyone missed me.

I then decided to call the school nurse at my old school and she told me where Crystal was. Should have gone there first.

I called the Memorial Herman hospital and they put me through to ICU. It wasn't what I wanted to happen but they put Crystals mom on the phone without even telling her who I was. At least she remembered me. She said that Crystal hasn't be conscious sense the accident happened. She has two broken legs, a badly broken arm, that they did surgery on today, and brain damage.

When and if the little 11 year old comes out of it she will not be able to speak and there will be many, many, other things she will have to relearn to do.

I told her that it was a dumb question but " Is there anything I can do?" She told me that it wasn't dumb and she didn't know my beliefs but that if I could just pray, it would be a big help.

I tried to tell her, without getting her hopes up too much, about Bills son Chip. I told her that I believed in miracles, but that I'm not in control, as is God, but I sure didn't think that it was wrong to ask for one.

She asked if she could have my phone numbers so she could keep in touch, and , of course, I gave them to her.

She said that she was going to go tell Crystal, right then, that Mr. Moore just called. I felt so helpless as she told me " She sure loved you, you know? "

I'd like to say that she heard my name mentioned and made a sudden recovery but, I'm assuming, that didn't happen because I didn't get any phone calls.

Brought back memories of the little 1 st grade girl, who just before passing away, was calling my name. ( I know, I've told that story before....)

Tears, getting in the way, so I'll quit. But, Please just say a little prayer for Crystal and her family, won't you?


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