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Author:  Bill Smith
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Date:  5/21/2010 9:27:51 AM
Subject:  Dr. Don Newbury
Message:  I have been reading a column in the Corsicana Daily Sun written by Don Newbury. On an impulse I emailed him and asked him if he was kin to Mickey. He responded that he is 72 years old and just found out a few years ago that he is Mick's fifth or sixth cousin. His grandfather was Mark Newbury of Brown County. Mark Newbury of Brown County is mentioned on page 8 of Crystal and Stone. I am going to post his website on the back porch. He is an accomplished speaker, writer, and newspaper columnist that anyone would be proud to have in their family. I emailed him again and gave him more information and invited him to drop by the porch. And the two step goes on.

 Dr. Don Newbury by Bill Smith at 5/21/2010 9:27:51 AM
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