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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  5/20/2010 6:16:48 PM
Subject:  Visit with Mamie
Message:  I drove over and spent some time with Mamie, this afternoon. When I got there she was in her bed but awake. Her blood pressure was a little low. this morning, so she was kind of weak.

It took her about 63 seconds to get over that and before my butt could touch the chair she said " Do you want to go outside?" I thought " Sure, in Houston, Texas where the temperature is already 150 in the shade and the humidity is hovering around a very comfortable 200 per cent."

So she got into her wheel chair and So here we go, down the hall and out the door. We stayed there for a couple of minutes when she decided it was kind of hot ( No Sh*t) and wanted to go back in. Then we went down another hall until we came to another set of doors that would take us outside. We spent a few minutes there and then back in we went. I would tell you about every incidence but that would take too long.

But there were two places of interest. One she said " Have we gone out there yet?" I said " That's the parking lot, Mamie. I suppose I could tie the wheel chair to my truck and we could go get a do nut." At least it was breezy there.

We went back in and started down the hall again where we came to a new set of doors by a nursing station. I asked if we could go outside, there. They were very polite and said " Sure, it's nice out there." They were right, it was nice...... until we decided to go back in. There were no handles on the doors and it didn't open by an electronic sensor. The only way to get back inside was to know the code to punch in on the key board by the door.

How wonderful. There I was, stuck outside, with an 89 year old woman that just had triple by pass heart surgery, hot as hell and I couldn't get back in. Just when I started to take my chances and wheel her out into the road and try to push like crazy before a Mac Truck ran over the both of us , God sent us an angel. A nurse that was coming to work knew the code and we got back in.

After we got back inside a nurse came up and said that she needed to check her blood pressure and oxygen level. I said " Forget about her! I'm the one that's been pushing this wheel chair for the last 45 minutes!" The good news is that her blood pressure was up to a healthy 124/61.

I took her back to her room where they were going to check something else. I said " Ok, while they do that, I'm going home". She was saying something , real sweet, to the nurse and then she said to me " You, Stay!" For some reason, my mind flashed to the movie Driving Miss Daisy and I said " Yes Mam."

She told me to tell, Virginia and Shirley ( Man I hope I have the right names) that she loves her pajamas and the nurses compliment her on them all the time and wonder just which one she will wear each day. I had another flashback to when I go out to eat with her and everyone comes over and carries on about her, like a prize winning, poodle dog.

I kissed her good by and she said that she likes it when I come because I take her places. I just stared at her. I made a move to the door and she said " Darlin' , aren't you going to say a prayer before you go?" I did and everything in the room shut down as everyone bowed their heads. I don't know just how much God heard of it because all I could think of was that I hoped the patient in the next bed wasn't over there dying from the lack of oxygen because her nurse stopped to pray with us.

There's no Blue Bell in the house.


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