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Author:  texasroyce
E-mail:  not available
Date:  5/9/2010 6:34:21 PM
Subject:  Re: Happy Mother's Day, All
Message:  Had a dual happy day. Yesterday my wife worked me til I was just a frazzle of a man renovating an apartment. I had no time to get her a card for Mother's Day. I already had a Orchid plant for her.

When I got home she went to the shower and I created my own card. By golly, I got it to rhynm. I may never buy one again.   One line was: Today you worked me extra hard,
       I had no time to buy a card.

I think I shocked her, but she liked the orchid in bloom anyway.

The good thing now is that today the Oakland A's pitcher, Dallas Braden, pitched a no-hit baseball game and beat the Tampa Bay Rays. So take that Andy Polk. Happy Mother's day to everyone else.

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