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Author:  Larry larry
E-mail:  Lmooremnm@aol.com
Date:  9/10/2003 5:36:11 PM
Subject:  Old poem for new friends
Message:  I wrote this on the 15th of Sept. Four days after the attack on the Twin Towers. Just wanted to share it with some of the newer old friends. Edited it a little.


It’s just a piece of a broke telephone.
In the streets of New York, there, all alone.
Next to a mountain of concrete and steel.
A few days have passed but it still seems unreal.

My mind replays the brutal attack.
Start walking away but I turn and look back.
At that dirty broke phone, there on the ground.
I hear screams of joy, a survivor is found.

The phone’s only job .. to send and receive.
Back and forth It’s messages weave.
Hundreds,no, thousands, must pass through each day.
If this phone could speak, what would it say?

Might tell of transactions involving big money.
Retell some jokes both stupid and funny.
Maybe of “fast food” orders to go.
Or checking the times of a new picture show.

Greetings sent for an old aunts birthday.
Or a talk with a mom, with nothing to say.
A dad’s “baby girl”, that wanted to call.
To let him know, she’s another inch tall.

Could be the plans of a pretty young girl.
Whose upcoming marriage is her only world.
Or maybe “Hey Pops, you're going to be glad!
Nine months from now you’ll be a grand dad.”

Maybe harsh words between husband and wife.
That one will regret for the rest of their life.
Could be some things, that should have been said.
Now never will be, ‘cause the phone line is dead.

I pray the last message, as I survey the sky.
Goes something like this”I love you, good bye.”
It’s just a piece of a broke telephone.
I pick it up, I’m taking it home.

Larry Moore 9/15/2001

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