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Author:  BlessedSallie
E-mail:  saljd@cebridge.net
Date:  5/1/2010 7:42:26 AM
Subject:  Ivan Lackey-DJ Invitation to Request Newbury Songs
This is a copy of an email I received from Ivan Lackey. He has invited his Porch Rocking Friends to visit him on his radio station and chat and/or request songs they would like to hear played.

"Sallie, I also will be attending the Gathering. I have been to it for the past six years and I wouldn't miss it for anything. Also, I am now a DJ on an internet site that plays independent artist and past and current artist. I have freedom to play whomever I want. I play a Mickey Newbury song every show I have. If some of the Gathering fans would like to hear a song they can come to the site and I will play it for them. It is a 24/7 radio show which features DJ of different type music and a chat room. My show schedule is Monday thru Thursday 5 till 7 PM EST. However, I fill in on a lot of other times. It is a chatroom and radio show where the DJ talks and the listeners chat with him and each other. I would love to have Mickey fans visit me. Count me in for this years event."

Ivan Lackey
Love life but first choose freedom

 Ivan Lackey-DJ Invitation to Request Newbury Songs by BlessedSallie  at 5/1/2010 7:42:26 AM
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