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Author:  Dave
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Date:  3/29/2010 7:13:31 AM
Subject:  Re: Remember the nights..
Message:  Hey Bill. It started on the old Prodigy board. I don't remember the year. I had known Mickey since the 70's, but had lost track of him after moving back to Texas. I put a note on the Prodigy board. Within a day, Ernie responded, noting it was one of his life's "quests" to meet the man who could write these words. Soon, Jim Gatti & Bobby Freeman joined us in the conversation. I remember Jim talking about how he and his brother had worn out the grooves in "It looks like Rain". Long story short, I finally got Mick's number from a mutual friend, Ernie flew to San Fransisco and had breakfast with Mickey, we kept talking up this internet thing until Mickey came on board. That is the short version, but the best this old brain can put together without pulling out "American Treasure" and listening to our interviews from a few years ago.

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