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Author:  Duke
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Date:  3/20/2010 12:44:20 PM
Subject:  Re: Crazy?
The places that Mickey lived in his life -
from Texas to Nashville to Oregon - each had
its own kind of weather, rainfall, storming.
A few comments of his that I've read - he was
born toward the center of the continent and
moved to the western edge - parallel my own
experience of coming from a place where rain
and storm were more dramatic, powerful, and
short-lived. On the prairie, rain fell more as
an awe-inspiring event, not a persistent mood
of somber grey. In the northwest, the rain is
of a different temperament, gentler, more apt to
linger, to join hands with the mist. Mick did
seem drawn to the drama, the sudden crack and
torrent; I am no different. It is most humbling
to stand under great cries of thunder, be soaked
by a pelting downpour. There was a time, in the
goddess-centered cultures, when Nature's many
voices were considered to be evidence of the
Divine Mother. What happened? How did so many
cultures come to move away from those times and
values, lose respect for the Nurturer? Mother
Nature may well be, from among the eight million
women who were burned, the lone witch to escape.
We ought to listen to her, crazy as she is...

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