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Author:  BlessedSallie
E-mail:  saljd@cebridge.net
Date:  2/24/2010 8:44:55 AM
Subject:  Re: This place is like no other
Message:  Chris…and other new Porch Rocking Friends…I am a ‘newbie’ to the Mickey Newbury Web Board, but I would like to respectfully add my observation and comparison of this old porch if I may!
Not only is “Our Old Porch” the belle of its time ~ it is the belle of today. In talent, history, warmth camaraderie and friendship, it is still unparalleled. The vast majority of the music business boards haven’t come close to tapping into the family-like atmosphere, talent and professionalism that permeates here. Technical upgrades, polishing the porch, and generating enthusiasm that begets numerous blogs is the easiest of missions left to be regained.

And, yes…there is so much about this music board that should not be touched less it lose any of its class. The Class that shines of Mickey Newbury himself!

Amazingly, in a relatively short period of time the people sitting, rocking on the porch, have reflected to me the wonderfully caring ~ teasing ~ heartfelt atmosphere that carries on the essence of the Newbury legend. I can’t agree more, Chris; while looking at all those other porches, and all their polished fineries, I never came across a group like the one we have on our porch either. I am so happy to have found my rocker on the Mickey Newbury Porch!

Rocking On the Porch

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