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Author:  Judy W.
E-mail:  Bellavim714@aol.com
Date:  9/10/2003 7:41:46 AM
Subject:  Prayer Request
Message:  I am asking for payers to be lifed up for 4 1/2 month old Sadie Grace Cushman. Her Great-Grandmother Grace Cushman attends Church where I work and also attend. Two weeks ago Sadie started having seizers and was rushed to Vanderbbilt Childerns Hospital. They have not been able to find the reason for the seizers, nor the med's that can stop them yet. The Doctor has put her in a coma induced by drugs to keep her from having futher seizers. Will you please say a prayer for this little Angel and her famely.....Web site has been set up if you would like to follow her and see her picture...www.caringbridge.org/tn/sadiegrace

Thank you........
Love Judy W.

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