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Author:  April
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/26/2009 5:43:37 PM
Subject:  Re: Like A Diamond Chain...
Message:  For some reason this morning I woke up thinking of the afternoon I sat in Denise's living room summer before last, with Jackie on the other end of the couch and Doug playing his tribute to Ron... eyes were cloudy then but great to remember a dear friend amongst friends who also knew him so well...a mini-gathering for me since I wasn't able to make it furher south...

"It is so easy to make people larger in death than in life but there is no need to do that here. Mickey was just a human being, perhaps more human than any of us. His ability of knowing and dealing with pain was probably somewhere between a gift and a cross but oh what a soul cleanser that gift is and will always be." Seems to me Ron's words about Mickey applied to himself in so many ways too... both had a way of touching the soul with their words...

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