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Author:  Ron L.
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Date:  9/26/2009 1:07:49 PM
Subject:  Like A Diamond Chain...
Message:  25 September 2002


Lana and I have been on the Southern Oregon Coast for the last week and I am in a cafe in Gold Beach where the weather has been gorgeous...watching tots dip timid toes into the tideline...dashing dogs chasing the same elusive surf...families flying kites on the beach where all the world's insanities are temporarily banished.

It is the first full day of Fall and the full moon dances on the waves about a half hour before the sun comes up as I arise for the four hour journey over to Springfield to see Mickey. When I get over to I-5, I fill up at the Chevron across from The Village Green and for those who were at Gathering 2, it's no longer a Best Western and the restaurant has been re-opened plus the huge expanse of lawn that was brown when we were there is now truly green. I arrive at 11:15 greeted by three dogs in front of Mickey's white farmhouse. Chris greets me, Mickey had just awakened; and for the next three hours we just "visit" and talk of everything from music to the madness in the world. It is such a pleasure to get to know Chris and those great and kind Newbury roots truly run deep. The hours fly by and Mickey is in fine form and doing great; telling wonderful stories as he always does. This is to be a one day trip as Lana whose love allows me to make this journey is left holding the double-edged sword that comes with being a landlord.

As I reluctantly leave at 3, I regret not being able to see Susan but am so grateful for these moments of magic I am allowed to share.

On the way over, I was dreading the drive back but the high of the visit and A Long Road Home made it a pleasure. If you are ever here, you must take Highway 38 that runs between I-5 and Reedsport on the coast. It parallels the Umpqua River and is truly like driving through a postcard. The trees are turning and on tops of the mountains are stripped pines standing as God's lightning rods. Ferns and other plants grow between the rocky formations of the canyon. At the bottom are meadows and vistas that appear to be the same as when Lewis and Clark came to the Northwest.

When I reach the coast about 5pm, I put the tribute CD in and although I have heard it all; I had never heard it in one sitting and certainly not driving along the ocean. So many of you were with me and I marveled again at all the love and talent that went into it. Jeff, you did such a fantastic thing. Thanks again.

Lois is also on my mind.

As I reach my destination, I consider how fortunate I am to have a woman and son who love me and allow me to be who I try to be. I am so grateful for ripples that have put me in touch with many of you.

The sun is setting and as it begins to dip into the sea, Jonmark's The Night I Heard Newbury Sing starts to play and the tears come. And the sunset breaks the drops into prisms of peace and serenity.

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