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Author:  Chris
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/5/2009 10:27:17 AM
Subject:  Re: Virus
Message:  There are two or three great programs that I recommend, and I haven't had any problems with viruses for years. All three are completely free, and come highly recommended in the industry. There are versions you can pay for, but think of that more like a donation, because the free versions work great.

1)Ad-Aware by Lavasoft is my favorite. There is a rip-off version, so make sure to install the Lavasoft version.

2)A-Squared works great in conjunction with Ad-Aware. What one won't find, the other will.

3)HijackThis is a very powerful utility. It requires you running the program, and saving a log of what it finds. Then, you post your log in the Hijackthis forum, and they will help you. It can take days for the process, waiting for people to reply with help, but this is the nuke of anti-spyware/worm/virus/trojan utilities. It will kill anything, even things you don't want to kill, so make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

As far as the big-name Virus protection programs go, I can't say much for them. They are the first things I delete when I get a new computer. Not only do they cost a lot, they don't work, and some of them are more like viruses themselves.

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