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Author:  Barbrag
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Date:  8/26/2009 8:26:45 PM
Subject:  Re: Erin Kelly Polk
Message:  I hope I can share this story as it happened.
My daughter's friend, Mike Ryan, was killed
in a car accident when he was 16. They were in the same class and were very close. On arriving
at the wake, Mike's dad met everyone at the door
and asked that they remove their socks (Mike
never wore socks). On entering the room where
Mike was, Motley Crew was playing on a portable
player. There was a video playing of him
playing baseball; he was very good at it.
The kids were in shock, but Mike's dad just
weaved in and out of the room trying to touch
each one. The hard part for him was that he
and Mike had argued, and Mike tore out of the
room and was killed in a head-on after leaving
the house. This man was so hurt, but was
up to comforting others. The next day, at
the funeral, he announced that he had received
Mike's first pay-check from Subway, and that
Mike was taking his friends out for a burger
after the service.   I am still touched by
the whole thing.

I'll never forget that.


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