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Author:  Bill Clark
E-mail:  not available
Date:  7/31/2009 8:08:34 PM
Subject:  Re: Happy Birthday Bill Clark
Message:  to Ms. Lib, Karen, and the Sheriff: My 'puter has
been down for AGES (about 3+ months!) and I finally got a new one. Now all I have to do is learn the few new procedures to operate it! I just got back on line and saw my "birthday greetings". Thanx for thinking of me. This has been an interesting year, to say the least, for ME. I've been hospitalized, enjoyed my ...OUR...
52-year anniversary, and believe it or not, had
6 requests for my CD! And NO! I am NOT perform-o
ing the songs, I just wrote 'em......ha.

It will take me a while to "catch up" on th board
postings, but I will do so. Thanx again. BC

 Happy Birthday Bill Clark by The Sheriff at 6/29/2009 11:43:17 AM
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