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Author:  JeffS
E-mail:  teacherjef@aol.com
Date:  7/12/2009 8:41:42 AM
Subject:  Re: Old 0-18
Message:  I am in contact with the luthier who restored the guitar. The best we can tell is that I am its 3rd owner. the first owner gave it over to a music store in Tacoma in 1952. The case (not original) has that store's logo on it.

Somewhere along the line, the original bridge had been replaced with a "belly" bridge, probably because Martins were not officially braced for steel strings yet. My luthier decided that a pyramid bridge like the original would be more appropriate, but that, sence it would not be original equipment, it might as well have an angled and compensating saddle for its use with extra light steel. It has perfect intonation, so I agree with the choice.

French polish original finish, so that's how the luthier finished the job. Oh, and a nech reset was included! Nice job!

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