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Author:  Susie
E-mail:  snewbury@sps.lane.edu
Date:  9/9/2003 12:44:05 PM
Subject:  This Old Porch..
Message:  I'm glad the changes seem to be suiting everyone. The first thing I will do this week is talk to Anita about why Andy P. can't get on this board. It doesn't make sense because Mamie is also using Web TV, and she seems to be able to read both boards. If anyone has some thought on that... please email me. We all need to be together, no matter how you choose to read it.

For those of you who want to save some of these posts, you'd better download as you go along. We can't afford to archive them anymore, and the porch will probably be swept every two or three weeks.

I'll talk to Anita tonight about the "two" porches... gotta get the wraparound finished.

Love to all,


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