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Author:  Jonmark
E-mail:  not available
Date:  7/5/2009 7:03:28 PM
Subject:  Re: Darn it, Jonmark!
Hi Ginny... First off, Neil was awesome last night on the TV machine, wasn't he? He looked and sounded like a youngster. Great to see him and I thought of you. :)

As for my reference below, there's a series of Comcast commercial's with talking turtles. Actually a middle-aged married turtle couple... forget it, guess you had to be there.

DSL vrs. cable Internet depends on the local area in my personal experience. We had DSL in Florida that was comprible to cable speeds/reliability. Had good experiences with DSL in South Carolina as well.

Here in guitar town, I have two computers I'm responsible for on DSL accounts. Both of which are really dogs. Up and down.
I'm doing my best to get their owners to switch.
Absolutely no comparison to what cable internet provides here.

Believe me, I'm no fan of monopolies. I've managed to replace Comcast for my TV and phone needs. But for internet, at least here locally, no one touches them yet.
My needs are likely different though. I need to upload and download large amounts of 1's and 0's.
Besides, I'm just a guitar player. Don't worry about my opinion.
Be nice to see you again someday Ginny.

Davis, how about Mr. Mahan today.
Yeah, I've had run-in's with Comcast too. It's a confusing jumble of varying rates and other corporate icky stuff. Funny I'm even going on about this right now since I'm dealing with a bad connection issue right now. I've tolerated it because of the things I mentioned to Ginny but also, once it's up and running, you don't need to deal with them often.
Oddly enough, this time anyway, I got a really cool phone attendant, and an intelligent installer to deal with. My phone assistant actually did a few left turns to reduce my monthly. Go figure.

Would love to see you again someday as well.
It's been ten years this year since we met.
Love ya pal.

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