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Author:  Trevor Wilson
E-mail:  trevor.wilson@optusnet.com.au
Date:  3/31/2009 5:53:00 PM
Subject:  still love the music
Message:  Just a quick note to say a big thanks for sending my Mickey Newbury boxed set order so promptly to Australia. I've been hounding my music importer for years to help me replace my aging Mickey vinyl collection, so it was with much anticipation that I awaited my box of CD's. This collection had been beautifully re-mastered. Mickey has never sounded so good!
30 years ago, I kept telling anyone who would listen, that Country would one day be as big as any other genre. The quality, sincerity, the great stories and imagery of artists like Mickey, helped create that eventual reality. It is wonderful to now be able to be reacquainted with Mickey's work in such a fine way.
Mickey did visit us once in Australia. He was playing to a devoted audience of 700 at the Roundhouse theater in Glebe, the same night that Kenny Rogers was playing to thousands at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, just down the road. Among the appreciative Newbury audience, resplendent in their red and white tour jackets, were most of Kenny's crew! It was quite a night.
All the best from Down Under, where some of us also love the 'truth in music'.


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