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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  12/1/2008 1:20:03 PM
Subject:  Re: Hey EveryBody
Message:  Warn Flint that as soon as she wraps her fingers around his pinky finger , she will own him.

I'm not sure I posted this for you before or not but I'll post it again. Since I bought my new computer , 2 years ago, the punctuation sometimes messes up. If you like it maybe you can copy and paste it and change it to look good.

The old goats, like Bill, have seen it a thousand times.


***    THE QUIET ROOM      ***

The room is quiet, just my baby and me.
A few weeks ‘till her birth then her face I will see.
We’ve known each other for several months now.
It’s a feeling unmatched but I can’t explain how.

The room is quiet, just my baby and me.
She had trouble sleeping, it’s a little past three.
Mr. Sandman was late but he finally came ‘round.
T’was an hour ago but I can't put her down.

The room is quiet , my little girl is in bed.
She lies there sleeping, I stroke her head.
She lost her first tooth, says her smile looks funny.
She’ll feel better tomorrow, with her “ Tooth Fairy” money.

The car is quiet, it’s her first day at school.
“ I’ll be ok , Mom. ” She tries to act “ Cool”.
I walk her to class, then kiss her good bye.
I run to my car where I break down and cry.

The room is NOT quiet, and neither am I!
She’s five minutes late and I want to know why!
Her first night with the car, it may be her last.
God please get her home, but don’t let her drive fast.

The room is quiet, to college she’s gone.
Much of my time is spent by the phone.
Pictures and mementos hang on the wall.
Years have gone by, God, I miss them all.

The whole church is quiet, as they say “ I do.”
My teary eyes become hard to see through.
They’re both still babies, too young to do this.
They look so good together as he gives her a kiss.

The room is quiet, just my grandchild and me.
She had trouble sleeping, it’s a little past three.
Funny, how in life, things go around.
She’s been asleep for an hour, but I can’t put her down.

 Hey EveryBody by Flint & Rhonda   at 12/1/2008 12:28:52 PM
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