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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  armstead_2000@yahoo.com
Date:  9/29/2008 6:15:22 PM
Subject:  Health Report
Message:  First, my sincere thanks to everyone for the prayers, candles and good thoughts.

First the best news...Rene, who was in critical condition after the motorcycle accident on July 9th, is in the rehab facility and she has hopes of being able to return home early next week.

She did lose her left leg at the knee and has not been fitted with replacement at this time. There needs to be some additional healing to the area where it must be attached. Dwayne was able to go home several weeks ago and has been able to drive to the re-hab facility almost every day, bringing with him a home cooked meal. Sylvia says he's a pretty good cook.

As far as I'm concerned...there's not much new to report. I'm holding my own and working on some alternative treatment, waiting on the FDA to approve John Kanzius cure for this dreaded desease. Ike put a hold on the research at M. D. Anderson in Houston. My brother in this fight, C. W. Colt, is planning on spending some time with John Kanzius this week. The simple fact is that this is my only real shot unless one of these alternative treatment shows some promise.

I'm not giving up hope and I'm still very positive about my ability to whip this stuff. Nothing is near...I still go to work every day, I am a little concerned about my weight, but the doc is giving me these little THC pills...

Keep those prayers, candles (thanks Gin) and lighted lamps coming my way.

My everlasting love to each one of this wonderful family.


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