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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  9/28/2008 3:19:44 PM
Subject:  Karen, MamieTook your advice
Message:  Revised it some.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Eternal Life Station

The Son shines bright at Eternal Life Station
Loved ones all gathered in anticipation.
For the train to arrive as it does everyday.
Where truth is revealed about earth’s Passion Play.

Not too many ride trains anymore.
Gone with the past like the old candy store.
But this one is special, the ticket’s one way.
Once you arrive, here’s where you’ll stay.

There’s no more tears, there’s no more pain.
Everyone’s healthy, the dragon’s been slain.
Where serving the Lord is our greatest joy.
The plan He completed, can’t nothing destroy.

Here comes old Peter, he runs the station.
He post the arrivals that come from each nation.
Tomorrow’s new list, he’ll put it up soon.
There’ll be many folks check it, by mid afternoon.

There’s no one I know, arriving today.
I just like hanging around, anyway.
It’s fun watching people and their bright happy faces.
And the emotions displayed in their loving embraces.

There’s a man over there that waits for his sister.
Been ten years or more, Lord how he’s missed her.

That father there, he waits for his son.
He used to be crippled now he can run.

Some wait for folks, that they’ve never met.
Touched by their writings that they can’t forget.

Betty there, so I’ve been told.
Waits for a child she never did hold.
She died giving birth on a cold winter night.
What a sight to behold when those two unite.

You see, folks down below, they don’t understand.
They’re leaving a life for one here that’s grand.
With limited knowledge and faith that is frailed.
They don’t know God’s plan, it’s mighty detailed.

Well, here comes the band, all decked out in white.
Excitement is starting, there’s a smoke stack in sight.
You can hear the conductor and his joyful screams.
“Next stop folks, the land of your dreams!”

Station master stands with the key to the city.
The pearly gate’s shining, everything is so pretty.
“Back up folks, don’t get hit” is his cry.
Someone jokes “Up here... who’s going to die?”

The big engine roars as it comes to a rest.
There’s a huge load today, must say, I’m impressed.
The band starts to play, there are screams of delight.
As each finds their loved ones they hold on so tight.

The last person off gives me the most joy.
He walks up to Betty “Hi mom, I’m your boy.”
I stand, just smiling, knowing that someday I’ll see.
The one’s that I wait for arriving for me.

The station’s now clearing, the bands been dismissed.
Think I’ll wait around for tomorrow’s new list.
Others’ start to gather as they do they same.
Some I’ve not seen. Some I know by name.

Here comes old Jerry, his his wife by his side.
Still young as ever, he holds her with pride.
“ Hey there Jerry, think Moody will make it?”
“ Sure hope so, I miss his quick wit”

“ I hear your old class is having a “ 60th” birthday.
Collin’s won’t be there, he’s too cheap to pay”
Someday they’ll all be here, from Brazosport High.
Tears, laughter and singing will fill up the sky.

Family and friends, look t’ward the day.
When love one arrive, and none goes away.

I can’t name them all too many to mention.
It’s way beyond, anyone’s comprehension.
Just rest assured, there’s one thing that’s true.
If we’re up here, we’re waiting on you.


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