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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  9/27/2008 1:13:38 PM
Subject:  Did Mickey like it?
Message:  As Monday approaches and I'm in my back yard burning the remains of a few trees that Ike left laying around, I find myself singing ( in my head ) a few Newbury songs. The neighbors are glad for that. I was also playing Mickey, this morning, while on my way to get my oil changed ( Which only cost me $ 341 , and you thought the price of gas was high.).

Anyway, I start remembering my first introduction to Mickey, by way of a radio station in Bay City, Texas. Who would have ever thought that I would be able to meet him someday? And like everyone else, have him be such an influence in my life.

He gave so much of himself in the songs that he wrote for my soul. I started wanting to be a master of words, like him. I'd try and try but usually just get hacked off and throw pencil and paper against the wall. There were pencil marks all over the wall of the bedroom of the house Suzette and I rented, when we were first married.

Like I said, he gave so much, and I started wondering if I ever even remotely gave anything back to him. I found this site and started to try writing again. I wrote for myself and for others but I found myself writing more for Mickey. Every time I posted something that I had written, I waited to see if Mickey would say anything about it. Sometimes he did and sometimes he didn't. When he did, he was always positive and polite. He made me feel that I was actually a somebody.    But, how much did he like it?    When I would paint by numbers as a kid, my mother always said she liked it. I knew she did, because it would go on the refrigerator door. Besides that, she had to like it, she was my mother and that was her job.

I wonder if Mickey ever found anything worthy of putting on the refrigerator door? Even good enough to put in an old shoe box would have been an honor. I hope so. He gave so much to me and it's only right that I could give a little back to him.

I was asked to write a poem for our graduating Class's 60th birthday party. I explained that since the death of Mickey,I had gradually lost the desire to write anything and respectfully declined.

But I've got to admit, had I excepted the request, and when I finished it, my first thought would be, I wonder if Mickey would like it?

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