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Author:  BarbraG
E-mail:  roynnbarb@comcast.net
Date:  9/21/2008 6:50:12 PM
Subject:  Re: Quote of the day - September 21
Message:  But, Joey, what if the mirror is cracked?
Or dirty? Too many times, the world looks at
a thing of beauty (like a Down's Syndrome baby)    -- with distorted lenses. I always
marvel when I see a butterfly. It's hard for me
to picture that it was once a crawly thing that
had no beauty at all....not until it crawled
away into a house of its own building, to wait
and grow into an absolutely gorgeous adult.
Ohhhh, BGeeeeee, you're getting too weird. Or,
are you?   You started it, Craig !! Here's the
thing. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Its'
loveliness increases.   Right ???? Why is it
when you tell a woman that she is beautiful,
she acts like she doesn't know it sometimes. The butterfly wouldn't either.. But, you can tell
an ugly woman that she "looks nice today," and
she just says, simply ... "thank you, you made
my day !"


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