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Author:  Barb & Felix
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/17/2008 9:30:33 PM
Subject:  Re: Mamie status report
Message:  Glad to hear that the New Caney residents are OK. Felix works for the State on disasters and was called to base in Austin on Saturday. He was told to get a motel room for two weeks until they can move on to Houston or Galveston. His department works with FEMA in getting packets out to everyone involved in the huricane that tells them how they might be illegable for FEMA assistance. He went to McAllen when Dolly hit and stayed there for 2 weeks. He calls every night and tonight he said that he will probably be gone for a month. His cell number is 325 660-5856 if anyone would like to call him at night to visit with him. He's not used to being away from home without me. I also can't get used to being at home without him. At least I have my kids and grandkids and grandog here in Baird to keep me company.
Felix also seems to be doing much better since the Dr. took him off of his restless leg medicine.
Love to all and especially my Sweetheart.

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